Canada 2 me

Canada2Me offers individuals the freedom to do whatever, when ever. Our innovative mail forwarding service offers you a mailing experience like no other with our legit virtual address, virtual mail box, low rates and no long term commitment. Instead of opening your mail, discarding the junk and spending a vast amount of time you can just use Canada2Me! When we receive your mail at out depot, the face of the envelope is scanned to your personal account. From there you can choose whether to scan it, shred it, recycle, ship or store it.

Many people today love travelling; how could you not? But wouldn't it be nice if you did not have to rely on your family to get your mail to you? They don't know what you want to keep or not, they just send it all to you where ever you are. With Canada2Me's innovative mail forwarding service we give you the the freedom to travel far and wide with nothing to tie you down. Our online Canadian mail forwarding service will save you time and money.

A common problem for businesses today is finding enough time to fulfill their demand. By using Canada2Me's innovative online service, you can free up some employee's from opening and discarding junk mail. Our Canadian mail forwarding service is perfect to help you get time back in your day because in this day and age, time is money. Small businesses alike, reduce the amount of capital you need for employee's. Cutting your employment costs equals more profit and Canada2Me can make that happen today!